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Power improved reading with Cascade

Cascade Format offers a breakthrough in text layout which improves comprehension of the written word. Patented algorithms transform traditional text into a dynamic visual format that cues the relationships between words. Sentences come to life in Cascade Format.

Bring improved comprehension to your products and published works through the Cascade API. Contact Cascade to learn more.

Cascade APIs have been designed for ease of use, and offer Cascade text in a range of output formats. Use the best format for your products – see our API documentation below for more.

Read and see Cascade for yourself

Experience Cascade in one of our purpose-built reading tools.

Cascade’s visual format enhances comprehension and improves reading. But you don’t have to take our word for it – experience it yourself. Cascade your text in the Cascade Reader, experience Cascade for teachers in the Cascade Explorer, or install our browser extension (coming soon) to Cascade anywhere on the web.

Contact Cascade to learn more about how Cascade can improve reading in your published works.
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