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Power improved reading with Cascade

Our Partner Program is rooted in collaboration. Consulting with you to enable integration for the best user experience of all Cascade Format Views within your entire product line.

We look forward to sharing our story, the science and research behind our ground-breaking technology.  Working with your team to provide incredible tools to help improve outcomes across the board as soon as we can.  This is an idea whose time has come!

Partner With Cascade

Cascade Reading is available worldwide and our strategic partner segments include:

Cascade Reading

e-Learning Companies

The majority of Students read below grade level. Our research-backed technology augments existing curricula and programs, creating a new way to support teachers, engage students, and build confident learners.
Cascade Reading

Language Apps

Learning to comprehend written English is a critical skill. Research shows that Cascade improves comprehension for non-native speakers. Product integrations for Tutors & Students. Use inside your digital curriculum, or online with any English text.
Cascade Reading


Let’s innovate together! Go beyond digital versions of the current text format to create a new way for readers to engage with your content inventory and enhance comprehension for all readers. A new era in reading has arrived – partner with Cascade.
Cascade Reading

School Districts

Teachers in over 35 states have already brought Cascade into their classrooms for a simple reason: current approaches are not meeting the needs of their students. Contact Us now to apply Cascade to your approved curriculum. Build confidence to create the better outcomes.

Cascade Reading

Government & Military

Public Servants’ essential duties depend upon the ability to read, understand and retain critical information, regardless of educational background or native language. Get the tools to accelerate comprehension to improve performance across the public sector.

Cascade Reading

Workplace Education

The most valuable asset for any organization is human capital. Training and retaining a talented workforce is job one. Cascaded Text helps training content reach all team members, regardless of educational background or native language, they’ll succeed.

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True Innovation

There is nothing else in the market that does what we do. Research demonstrates improved comprehension when reading in the Cascade Format. Regardless of the curriculum, educators use our technology & tools to help them finally break through and teach syntax & grammar with confidence. They are building students’ skills & changing their learning path in real time. Neurodivergent and ESL learners are positively affected the fastest by Cascaded Text.

Publishers & platforms work with us to make a difference for all students with particular benefits for struggling readers and ESL learners.  Let’s end the struggle for them to become readers and build confidence for all students as they engage with increasingly complicated texts across all subjects. 

The Cascade APIs have been designed for ease of use, and offer Cascaded Text in a range of output formats. See our API documentation for more details.

Partner With Cascade

Learn more about innovating your products with our research-backed, patented technology.

Cascade Reading

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