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We believe the Cascade Format has something to offer to readers of all abilities. Early learning readers can take advantage of the visual structure of the written words.  And accomplished readers can ensure they are comprehending more of their reading. 

We hope to inspire all readers with Cascade Reading – and to that end – we’ve partnered with some inspiring authors in our network to bring you a fully Cascaded book experience. Starting today you can download and read for free two books we find uplifting. And you can experience all the benefits of reading in the Cascade Format.

So download and start reading the following books and let us know what you think!

Healer in Heels

by Jasna Burza

You Are The One You Have Been Waiting For – Simple Practices To Transform Your Life

In an era of unparalleled polarization, exhausting overwhelm and unrelenting pressure, Healer in Heels offers a balance of wisdom: the practical and emotional, scientific and spiritual, poetic and “How to” – to make our day better…


No Locked Doors

by Gregory Smith

Master the Keys to Transform Problems into Possibilities

Imagine every problem in your life as a locked door. No Locked Doors! tells the story of how author Gregory Smith developed his master keys—the tools he uses to turn locked-door problems into open-door possibilities. Follow his journey and use the invaluable lessons within to create your locksmith toolkit.

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