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Read the Web in Cascade Format with the Cascade Reading Browser Extension.

Cascade Reading extension landing page on Google Chrome Extension store

Announcing the Cascade Reading Chrome Extension

Cascade Reading brings text into the digital era – with its Cascade Format – to improve reading comprehension. And now with the release of our Chrome Browser Extension – readers can easily cascade almost any web page and start reading the web in Cascade. The Cascade Reading Chrome Extension preserves key page content including images and other media, and allows easy return to the traditional block text format of any Cascaded web page.

Use the Cascade Reading Extension to improve your web reading experience! 

Install the Cascade Reading Extension

Installing the Cascade Reading Extension is easy!

  1. In your Chrome Browser – navigate to the Cascade Reading Extension listing
  2. Click ‘Add to Chrome’ in the upper right corner of the Extension listing.
Cascade Reading extension landing page on Google Chrome Extension store

3. Accept the permissions needed to Cascade web text by clicking ‘Add extension

A screenshot of a Chrome permissions dialog showing the 'accept permissions' option.

The Cascade Reading Extension is now available in your Chrome Browser!

Optionally -

While you can access the extension at any time from the extension button, we recommend you ‘pin’ the extension to make it available right in your Chrome toolbar by clicking the pin button next to Cascade Reading:

A screenshot showing the location of the 'pin' option.

To use the extension – sign-up or login to your free Cascade Reading account:

From the extension – click ‘Sign In’

The Cascade Reading sign-up / sign-in page will appear – sign-up for a free account, or if you have already registered – just sign back in:

After signing up/in – that’s it – you are ready to read the web in Cascade Format!

Browse to any page you want to read – click the Cascade Reading Extension and click ‘Cascade’

A screenshot showing the Extension interface after a user has logged in.

You can switch back to the page in its default format with the Revert button.

Cascade Reading

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