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Lunch & Lit with Cascade Reading’s Julie Van Dyke

Julie was recently featured on the weekly The Right to Read Project Lunch & Lit webinar series discussing The Role of Syntactic Parsing In Comprehension.

The weekly Lunch & Lit aims to bridge the research to practice divide by bringing scientists and practitioners together to discuss their work.

The Barksdale Reading Institute’s Lunch & Lit webinar series was launched in 2020 by BRI’s CEO, Kelly Butler. Topics have included: teacher knowledge (Louisa Moats), writing (Joan Sedita), The Reading Rope (Hollis Scarborough), reading comprehension (Nancy Hennessy), language development (Margaret McKeown), decoding (Linnea Ehri), Reading First (Reid Lyon), and many more.

The Right to Read Project is now host of the Lunch & Lit and, to make the content more accessible to educators, we’ll be posting the presentations, resources and articles recommended by the presenters here.

Recommended Resources:

Staub, A. (2014). Reading sentences: Syntactic parsing and semantic interpretation. The Oxford handbook of reading, A. Pollatsek and R. Treiman (Eds.) p. 202-216.

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