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Reading is fundamental to positive educational and professional outcomes. Cascade Reading offers a breakthrough text format that improves reading comprehension.

Our vision is for a world filled with more people reading, learning, and expressing their talents. A world where more human potential is realized and better reading education leads to better understanding.

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Cascade Core Principles

Syntax – how words are ordered to convey meaning – is critical to reading comprehension.

Cascade’s patented text format uses state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) to define syntactic boundaries and relationships, then uses line breaks and indentation to reflect the underlying structure of each sentence. The result is a “map to meaning” which makes reading easier.

Better Outcomes for All

Cascade isn’t a curriculum or a training program; it is a research-backed reading technology designed to power improved outcomes for our B-to-B Partners by integrating Cascade’s capabilities into their products.

The Cascade APIs have been designed for ease of use, and offer Cascade text in a range of output formats. Use the best format for your products – see our API documentation below for more.

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